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Mapping Spatial Variations of H I Turbulent Properties in the Small and Large Magellanic Cloud Szotkowski, Samuel et al. 2019/12 The Astrophysical Journal Magellanic Clouds/HI ADS DOI
On the dynamics of the Small Magellanic Cloud through high-resolution ASKAP H I observations Di Teodoro, E. M. et al. 2019/02 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Magellanic Clouds/HI ADS DOI
Cold gas outflows from the Small Magellanic Cloud traced with ASKAP McClure-Griffiths, N. M. et al. 2018/10 Nature Astronomy Magellanic Clouds/HI ADS DOI
GASKAP-The Galactic ASKAP Survey Dickey, John M. et al. 2013/01 Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia Milky Way/OH, Milky Way/HI, Magellanic Clouds/OH, Magellanic Clouds/HI ADS DOI


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